Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jailhouse Rock

Two "public servants" were charged yesterday with defrauding the good people of Pennsylvania. One indignant to the end, one squealing like a pig.

Twanda "Councilmatic" Carlisle demanded leniency from Judge John A Zottola, saying her 5 consecutive years of bilking the public were done in her "zealous" attempts to help her district. Economic development starts at home, sez a mink-clad Carlisle. Zottola was unimpressed, sentencing Carlisle to 2 years with the Commonwealth. She loses her pension, but will likely keep her $2,500 mink coat.

On the other side of the spectrum, Rep. Frank LaGrotta (D-Evans City) is squealing like a pig. Attorneys General in beautiful Harrisburg will allow LaGrotta to hide out at home because he has "...cooperated with several investigations by the attorney general's office." Which leads us back to Big Bill DeWeese and the legislative aide bonus scandal of 2006.

Sez the Lehigh Valley Political Blog regarding DeWeese's Bonus-Gate, Billy DeWeese is sailing on the river of denial. Sez the DarnNews, Billy DeWeese probably needs to take LaGrotta on a Big Pussey-esque sailing trip. Whether confident, or blissfully unaware, DeWeese may be the next one on his way to prison.

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