Friday, February 22, 2008

... and then they came for me.

With all the bravado of a brittle old nun mumbling an endless stream of penance, the fatalists at the Post Gazette stroked a weak-kneed support of Onorato's Drink Tax. Their argument, "Tough it Out." In their best ruler rap across the knuckles, the smug PG sez that Onorato & Co., "...should have the foresight and fortitude to live with a difficult, imperfect and necessary action."

Thanks for the miserable world-view, PG. As if Pittsburgh didn't have enough fatalists, I have to hear you bastards crone on about the lack of a better option. Could you take the long-view and perhaps cite the inadequacy of property taxes, call for a restructuring of the Port Authority, or demand better options from the state? Nah, you offer St. Dan a cross on Calvary, promising the everlasting hymns of your myopic editorial staff will carry him to Heaven.

As if that weren't enough, you turn your miserable broadsides on Kennywood. Sway me with this kindergarten logic, '...everyone loves Kennywood and no one likes taxes. Pay your fair share Kennywood.' Following your logic that the park costs West Mifflin money, one would assume you would itemize the park's actual cost to West Mifflin. Nah, you assume the $1M + applicable property taxes cooked up by the lunch-pail accountants on WM Borough Council is fair. Good beggar's logic, whatever you got, that's what I need.

Fuck you, you lazy cowards. Perhaps it bears repeating that our broken governmental system and endemic sprawl is at the root of all these causes. But for fear of sounding like a broken record, you support the band-aids that keep this boat afloat, thereby tacitly endorsing the problem. As our government picks off segments of populations or industries in a Hayek-esque fleecing of the weak, you stand in strong support. I stand in strong support of a delivery tax on spineless newspapers.

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