Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Last night's Democratic Debate was a policy vacuum. Lacking any meaningful differences between the front runners, the Dem's decided to focus on the issues... namely, 1968. Last week, Gloria Steinem was exhumed in support of Hillary, right before Hil shot herself in the foot with this historic legacy of LBJ and MLK bullshit. She spent a good portion of the evening dancing around both issues while successfully avoiding anything substantive. John Edwards, recasting himself as RFK, turned every issue into his two America's theme... Lou Dobbs thanks you, John.

Over 50% of Americans were born after January 1, 1969, meaning we have no memory of this stuff. We don't care about John Kerry's Purple Heart or Sonni & Cher's dramatic marital collapse. We don't see glass ceilings, we don't remember Selma. Other than the Lou Dobbs crowd, there was remarkably little substance.

I have to thank Barack Obama for pushing past this crap. Even if he seems willing to let this banal MLK v. LBJ banter continue to cloud meaningful issues, his insights into problems in black America are much more meaningful than Hillary's historic semantics, and he rejects the idea that he is running as a 'black man' against a glass ceiling. If the Democratic Party wishes to make a fresh start, understanding that Selma is not the central issue in our rotting ghettos, and accepting the glass ceiling is an imaginary firmament would be two very good starting points. As experienced as Hillary is, I worry that her keen insights and experience were in a bygone era. That, plus the considerable baggage that comes with her experience, might be a liability.

Its really time to put the 1968-obsessed 90's era of the Democratic Party to bed. How better than a vote for Obama.

You're welcome Drew.


gunn said...

What's up with Obama, he's as white as he is black, that he has chosen to be black has given him license to be THE authority on all things black?
Just as Clinton has chosen to use drama and tears and falsehoods about her feeding migrant workers during her childhood, that has given her cred to be something she is not.
One could go on and on about each and every contender but why waste the effort.
Let's burn some flags, some bras, some social security cards, that will show 'em.

Anonymous said...

White, black? I thought he was red. (That's red with a small "r" not a capitol "R") Barak "the magic negro" is as marxist as any of the dems. I suggest you lay off the Krunk juice Highland Ave, it's starting to make you colorblind.

The Great Hive said...

Could these comments be any more racist? That's why I don't contribute to this blog anymore. The smut and the acidic humor has drawn in uneducated bigots.

Anonymous said...

yes, god forbid you associate with anyone whose opinion differs from your own. quel nightmare!

Anonymous said...

The "magic negro" moniker came from the LA Times, not from me, bub. That's why it was under quotations. Anyone reading between the lines would have caught that. I guess they can't educate you to think outside the box, so I won't hold that against you, Hive.

gunn said...

Hive, old buddy, your bigotry is showing again, you must have bees in your bonnet. We, as a group are likely better off without your comments anyway, seeing as you can't handle someone offering an opinion differing from yours.
See YA!

Animal said...

90% of the country thinks half black = black. If someone's half black, they get treated like a regular black dude by everyone anyways. That is the reality of society. He's just supposed to ignore the black Chicago that elected him? Great article in salon about this:

Multiracial Man