Monday, January 07, 2008

Signs of Desperation in Romney's Campaign

MANCHESTER, NH - Flip Romney's supporters yank out McCain yard signs near a Flip event in New Hampshire today. I took an evening stroll by Romney's headquarters on Elm Street. I had to peer between the 4' by 8' Mitt signs hanging in the display windows to view an unhurried gaggle of aging male supporters. A few members of the Hitler Youth College Republicans were loitering.

Unless Romney outsources his phone bank to India (or there's a call center hidden from the sidewalk), the total number of supporters could not have been more than 25. Compare that to McCain's bustling Manchester hive, where 50 supporters pound every phone line.

McCain has been leading Romney the last two weeks in the Real Clear Politics average. However, he hasn't added to what is a 4-6 point lead. Romney could be closing the gap with the immigration issue. We'll know tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, real credible reporting from a person who's volunteering for old man Mccain, way to be impartial.

CapitolMAN said...

My admitted bias didn't change the fact that Romney's campaign desperately sought to distort McCain's record in NH, notwithstanding this ridiculous sign episode.

Anon, tell me where in the Internets Code of Ethics it states that bloggers must be impartial arbiters of truth?

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is that you should give equal time to all the candidates, you agree, right?