Thursday, January 03, 2008

Live Free or Go F*** Yourself: Dispatch from the Granite State

MANCHESTER, NH - Mitt Romney's support - soft like the frigid morning fog that blankets this state - just dissipated. Romney's millions ($6 million on television advertisements) could only buy him a second-place finish in Iowa.

Romney's strategy required early peripatetic victories before February 5 that his campaign could then string together to coalesce Republicans nationally.

Despite his moderate record as governor of Massachusetts, Romney positioned himself as the GOP's standard bearer: a moneyed, xenophobic conservative scared of catching the Gay.

Unfortunately for Romney, he's none of those things. And the Reagan coalition is dead. Voters of all political persuasions are pissed. Thus, establishment candidates like Romney (and to an extent Clinton) will lose early to candidates whose supporters are with the most fervent. Today, the Huckster's bible-bees delivered him 45 delegates. But there will be no significant bounce for Huckabee; McCain will win New Hampshire handily. And Huckster lacks the national exposure or infrastructure, which Romney had begun putting into place, to secure the GOP nomination.

A New Hampshire victory doth not a presidency make. McCain needs Thompson to drop out and throw his support to the Maverick in South Carolina. McCain then takes a strong second-place showing he can use to defeat Rudy in Florida. If not, this race goes on.

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