Friday, January 18, 2008

For Anonymous: Fair and Balanced Reporting on the Campaign Trail

Here's a clip of Mitt Romney conducting a news conference in front of a pen rack at Staples because the toaster aisle at Bed Bath was closed for stocking. Romney takes a veiled swipe at McCain when he remarks that his campaign isn't run by Washington lobbyists. Romney then begins to argue with Staples' printer salesman the AP's Glenn Johnson, who interjects that one of Romney's senior advisors is, in fact, a Washington lobbyist.

Tune in to the most ridiculous press conference since Terrell Owens shot a fitness video in his driveway.


Highland Ave. said...

The AP has no lingering love of the former Governor, as seen here.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your using your precious blog to engage in a flame war with me. I win.

Paul said...

Romney is such a boob.

Although, the AP reporter should get off his ass and stand up when he decides to challenge a presidential candidate's bullshit.

Morrisquads said...

Anonymous comments are kind of like Russian Brides... they may be attractive and occasionally make you a vodka & tonic - but at the end of the day does anyone really respect them?

Anonymous said...

Morrisquads, this is an A,B conversation, please C your way into the path of a speeding locomotive.

CapitolMAN said...


Don't you have a Fred Thompson fundraiser to attend? Good luck with that!