Monday, January 07, 2008

Dispatch from Granite State: Hillary Cries, Romney Dies?

MANCHESTER, NH - I recently opined that Mitt Romney was the establishment candidate, embracing conservative positions on social, economic, and military policy. I was wrong. Romney is the candidate of change!

At the debates and campaign appearances, Romney has portrayed himself as the Washington outsider. Only a governor from beyond the Capitol Beltway - presumably one who possesses management acumen - can repair Washington.

As Rudy Calzoni sez, "the reality is" Romney would be a "feckless administrator" (credit Govt. Issue). Romney would encounter a Democratic Congress that would be anathema to the promises he has made to the GOP base. There would be no deportation of illegal immigrants, appointment of strict constructionist judges (ugh), or increase in military spending that would be presumably used to fund prolonged expeditions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Given that it's unlikely Romney would be elected with an overwhelming popular vote, he would could not claim a public mandate. And if he were to find common ground with the Democrats, he could expect the kind of severe excoriation from the base that doomed Bush 41.

This may be a change election, but there is still a war going on. And despite recent polls indicating a spike in ambivalence about Iraq - Americans will have to consider whether they want another B-School administrator or a war-time President. John McCain is that man of honor.

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