Thursday, December 13, 2007

S. Korean Glo-cats: Delicious, Incandescent Affronts to God's Heavenly Design

Before the Bush Administration freedomizes Iran, they may want to return their attention to the Korean peninsula where nuclear tensions seem to have tightened.

President Bush recently sent a personal letter to Kim Jong-Il, reminding him of the deadlines for nuclear disarmament that were agreed upon at the September 2005 six-party talks.

South Korea, presumably worried that Kim Jong-Il cannot be trusted, has already responded. Scientists there have cloned a glow-in-the-dark kitty cat.

Before pro stem-cell research activists demand the federal government restore funding for the lite-brite ferret, they may want to recall that South Korean scientists have a less than honest record on cloning.


Government Issue said...

It's better that they get this out of the way before curing cancer.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I hope Wal-Mart has these in stock before Christmas.