Monday, December 03, 2007

Patience D. Isaacs and Kevin James Dixon: Mayoral Material?

They're going to have a hard time hiding this one for two years. In the most prominent Heinz Field arrest since then-Councilman Luke Ravenstahl shoved a police officer on Halloween in 2005, alleged identity thieves Patience D. Isaacs and Kevin James Dixon were apprehended at Monday's Steeler game. Acting on a tip, the FBI, along with Allegheny County Sherrifs and Steelers Security, apprehended the pair with nachos and beer in hand. The two are currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail. No information has been released regarding the fate of their unconsumed Yuengling.

Yunzer pride should be swelling today as Isaacs and Bradley chose Pittsburgh and Heinz Field as the destination for the dispensation of their alleged illicit earnings. The two put their personal freedom at risk to be, at least temporarily, a part of the Stiller Nation. In regards to the intelligence of blabbing about going to the Stiller game while on the lam, the two demonstrated that their intellect does not rise above that of the towel-waving, water-logged, beer-soaked faithful who packed the stadium last night.

The appearance of Isaacs and Dixon at Heinz Field is probably just coincidence, anyway. With warrants out for their arrests and criminal charges pending, they were more likely in town to cheer on the team that they can most identify with: the Cincinnati Bengals.


CapitolMAN said...

I hope WTAE considers broadcasting a jailhouse interview with Kevin and Patience, conducted by DeeN sweetheart Becky Emmers.

Government Issue said...

Has anyone seen my credit card?

The Duke said...

I am still waiting for the follow up report on that unconsumed Yuengling.