Monday, December 31, 2007

Party Like its 1981!

In commemoration of the last day of 2007, the Dee-N presents King Cool himself, Donnie Iris. There is better way to celebrate Picksburghers' continuing embrace of the traditionalist thinking that has debilitated the region than this 1981 performance by Mr. Iris and his band, the Cruisers. Back in '81, the Steelers were only one year removed from Super Bowl ring number four, 'ahrns on tap were tax-free, and a baby Mayor-to-be hadn't yet crafted any back room deals or taken any SUV rides.

Luckily for those still left in town, Donnie Iris' tunes still hold up after nearly three decades. Love, like the brains of Allegheny County's Democratic Party voters, is indeed like a rock.

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