Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Cranks

The DN's favorite wassailer and silver-tongued insult factory, Christopher Hitchens, participated in a "secular Christmas party" with Reason magazine staff and all their anarcho-capitalist buddies last week.

The Hitch read aloud Tom Lehrer's droll "Christmas Carol" following a drink-soaked comic rant against department-store holiday displays and North Korean totalitarianism. Christopher, we love you, but stick to defending unwinnable wars and using your Oxford education to debate Fox News pundits on "Hannity's Fortress America" or whatever zip code his show calls home. If you intend to do comedy, next time put "Blue Collar" in front of it. After all, you're an American now.

Merry X-mas.


CapitolMAN said...

Boo you, Hitchy. Get back to penning angry screeds about corrupt televangelists.

The Chief said...

Hitchens is a sad, sorry little man. He certainly lets those who follow religion get to him, doesn't he?

He and Noam Chomsky should continue to argue with each other on a desert island so none of us ever have to hear from either of them ever again!