Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bill O'Reilly and ALF: What the liberals don't want you to see

One is an inhuman creature, of unknown origin, known for clogging the airwaves and appealing to the most numb-brained Americans.

The other is ALF. (This post practically blogs itself!)

FoxNews' continuing refusal to actually report news has allowed for the comeback of the 80s TV icon. In this clip, ALF spars with Bill O'Reilly over the cancellation of his namesake sitcom and his activities over the past twenty years. O'Reilly even manages to work in a montage of pictures with ALF and FoxNews' favorite celebutard, Paris Hilton. At the end of the clip, O'Reilly states that ALF may return to FoxNews to do some punditry of his own. No word on why Bill O'Reilly and FoxNews are so accepting of an illegal alien as to invite him back to the news channel of real Americans.

As we wait for ALF to show his papers, the Dee-N proposes the following topics for future ALF commentaries:

Are there liberals on the planet Melmac?

Is Hillary Clinton an alien?

Should alien-human marriage be legalized?

Has the government done enough to protect puppets from al Qaeda?


Government Issue said...

"Remember ALF? He's back -- in Pog form!"

The Duke said...

just when i thought i'd seen everything Fox gives me Alf... on its news channel.

CapitolMAN said...

Given Willy's gay-sexual peccadilloes, I thought ALF would have been deemed too racy for Fox News.

He's probably better suited for the Fox Porn Channel.