Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ravenstahl - a homophobe (maybe a racist)...but sure knows how to feed 'em red meat

Quote of the night from Luke: “[I've had the opportunity] to touch and feel every city employee so they got the chance to understand me as mayor”

They're talking about it over at the Pgh Comet.

I met David from 2PJ at the debate. Nice fella.

PG calls the final debate milquetoast. Ravenstahl harps on DeSantis' Republicanism, says the Trib.

Onto debate coverage:

Too bad we can't say the same for Mark DeSantis tonight. About the red meat issues, not the homophobia.

Mark DeSantis missed his opportunity to win the black vote. Luckily for him, the debate aired on QED. Given ample opportunity to distinguish himself as the responsible candidate who understands black issues, DeSantis chose to highlight his wonkiest positions on entrepreneurship, broken-windows policing, and school board appointees.

Everyone knows Mark DeSantis is more intelligent, responsible, and honest than Luke Ravenstahl. But Luke’s a bare-knuckled politician. He’s willing to be gruff, amiable, and angered when it suits him. Citizens like emotional mayors, and Luke is emotional. He’s also sly. He willfully misleads the audience about DeSantis’ Republicanism, the FOP endorsement, and the residency requirement.

On Election Day, it will not matter if the discerning, college-educated East Ender connects with DeSantis. Hell, it won’t even matter that DeSantis failed to connect with the pro-file, homophobic Brookliner. But what will matter is that DeSantis had an excellent chance to win the black vote in Homewood, East Liberty, and the Hill District. But he blew it.

On the issue of police residency, Ravenstahl has adamantly said that police should live inside the city’s boundaries because property ownership means police have a stake in the their city’s quality of life. Fair enough, but we all know police don’t live in Homewood. Instead of pouncing on Luke and calling him a racist (like I might have suggested), DeSantis sonorously remarked that policemen are only required to live within the city, but not specific neighborhoods.

Excellent point, but where’s the gravitas? Shout, jab, and gesticulate wildly! Say which neighborhoods are getting the short end of the stick. Tell the audience that Luke’s protecting the white yunzer at the expense of the black yunzer.

DeSantis needed to talk to the black voter who feels threatened by the punks and miscreants that smash glass bottles and peddle crack on the street corner. He needed to be livid of the crime in Homewood, the decay of Uptown, and the indifference of the Mayor’s administration. He should have been outraged about the indignity of being a decent person living amongst hoods and thugs.

While DeSantis’ micro-loan program for minority businesses is fresh, altruistic and much needed program in a city that ranks last in entrepreneurship, it’s a pipe dream to the decent families who witness friends and cousins killed by drug and senseless identity wars.

DeSantis will never likely lead the repelling of English infidels, but to be the change mayor one must display verve and outrage. He hasn’t done that, and for that reason, the black community will sit out this election. And if Luke’s right, all of Pittsburgh will be worse off for it.


In an audience of 50-60 people, more than half were campaign supporters and only a handful were under the age of 30.

The Mayor’s press secretary, Danika Wukich, is a very attractive young woman [pictured here]. The Dee-N was especially pleased she chose to wear a pair of sex-me boots.

After reading the PG’s profile of Luke a few weeks ago, we learned he could tell time at age three. Did he forget? Twice in this debate did Mayor Wunderkind lose track of how long each candidate has his answer and rebuttal.

Les Ludwig was handing out cards seeking write-in votes for mayor. Take up golf, Les.

Ravenstahl is opposed to gay marriage AND civil unions. Who knew there were 27-year old homophobes in the Democratic Party?

DeSantis goes to great lengths to explain that he donated to the current president in 1999. Read between the lines and what he’s saying is that he did not donate to Bush in 2004. Yo, Mark. If you oppose the war, say you oppose the war. The entire country is anti-war right now. Later in the debate, you said the goings-on of Washington were irrelevant to Pittsburgh. If that’s the case, distance yourself as far as you possibly can from GWB and Rick Santorum. Don’t remind us – ever - that you did in fact donate to them.

Luke’s been blaming Washington and the Republican Party for the city’s fiscal woes. DeSantis should have boisterously called him out. Washington is not responsible for the city’s precarious pecuniary position. For a city still in receivership, the Mayor’s blame-someone-else mentality is not only disingenuous but it’s also frightening.

I have a stream of consciousness that I’ll consider posting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Black voters know the conditions of thier neighborhoods and the economic decline in them. DeSantis didn't need to remind us. Maybe you needed a refesher course but we didn't.

If we are going to vote for Desantis it isn't because he failed to shout from the roof that he supports black neighborhoods growing, heck the mayor didn't say it either.

Blacks are going to vote for who they think will bring CHANGE and at this point neither one has made a huge promise.

CapitolMAN said...

I hope you're right, but outrage wins change-centric mayoral races. DeSantis needs a significant chunk of the black vote. The danger is blacks will simply sit out this race because DeSantis, who already has to overcome the Republican stigma, failed to inspire them.

record hunter said...

I was gonna vote for Mayor Opie. I figured it was a lot worse of people to complain about his using that car to drive to that concert than it was for him to drive it. But then he said he's "against gay marriage."

Boo, Luke. No vote for you, bitch.

Knight rider said...

la la la

CapitolMAN said...

None of this is relevant to trash collection, pothole patching, and the city's fiscal deficit.

Luke may have actually solidified his standing with socially conservative Democrats in the South Hills.

Steve said...

Why are you a homophobe if you don't support gay marriage?

CapitolMAN said...

Who cares if gays get married, baptized, or inoculated? Without writing a dissertation on the social history of marriage, simply put, marriage is a religious construct that should not carry political weight. A union, religious or not, should bestow two private citizens the same economic and social privileges regardless of ethnicity or sexual preference.