Monday, November 26, 2007

NFL Players and Guns: A Novel Pairing

You know what sucks about stalking defenseless animals in the woods with firepower that would make a Mujahideen shudder? No Stillers.

What's the only way that a Sunday afternoon swilling 'ahrn and watching Big Ben could be improved? Guns, of course.

Thankfully, WTAE has created the perfect celebration of the first day of hunting season and the Steelers' appearance on Monday Night Football. "Go Hunting with the Steelers" is downright porny in its mash-up of two Pittsburgher pursuits, combining the men who enact fun ritualistic violence on their opponents every week with the sport of bringing the pain to Western Pennsylvania's wildlife. It's too bad that they have to wear Browns colors while out on the hunt.

From the looks of WTAE's promo, the players involved have plenty of experience with firearms. But who is the Dee-N kidding? Based on the fact that they play in the NFL, the players have plenty of experience with firearms. Too bad the Black and Gold didn't pick up Tank Johnson.

This story was written before Redskins safety Sean Taylor was critically injured by a bullet fired by a home intruder last night.

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CapitolMAN said...

What a relief that WTAE didn't try this promo when Ernie 'Fats' Holmes was a Steeler.