Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pittsburgh and Luke Ravenstahl...because there's no hope

Dear Pittsburgh,

I thought we might actually vote for a qualified and intelligent leader yesterday. But alas, the man-who-would-be-mayor is a registered Republican. Perish the thought!

Feel free to mock my naivety, but I'll gladly - and arrogantly - consider myself a denizen of the embittered, cynical Burghosphere.

Congratulations, Yunzers. Your blind partisanship has ensured two more years of economic stagnation, suburban flight, and high taxation.

In a few months, I'll depart for Cali. If you make it to Left Coast, feel free to stop by for an IC Light. I'd love to hear about my corrupt and mismanaged homeland.

Suck it,



Karen said...


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and leave the Burgh, you f*cking traitor!

I guess that reminiscing about the 80's just isn't good enough for you anymore. Don't you realize that Pittsburgh has potential, much better than being a blatant abject failure like some other places, like... let's say... McKeesport.

I guess that you just don't realize that once you reach the precipice of economic vitality, there's nowhere to go... but down. Good luck in California, but remember - they do have one thing that we don't have here: EARTHQUAKES!!!

Anonymous said...

Not that the Sun's opinion is worth much, but saw this and thought it might interest the crew over here at the DN:

Good luck in Cali.

CapitolMAN said...

LMA, anon 11:30.

I'm allowed to be bitter today.

Anonymous said...

Don't go to Calif. Who would have anything to say about Pgh.