Friday, October 05, 2007

Writing and Its Consequences

Hitchens recalls an earnest young enlistee and confronts the depressing knowledge that his own words have contributed to another human being's death. An honorable man's honesty.


Highland Ave. said...

Hitchens thoughts found fertile ground. His student was astute, composed of a unique blend of intelligence and moral clarity particularly receptive of Hitchy's writing. One might not see booze-swilling, haughty, comical Hitchens as an icon of moral clarity; but for those whose only religion is faith in the power of Liberty, and who truly believe that a non-jingoistic concept of Freedom is worth defending, he is.

I remember a concept hatched during Vietnam... something about America's future lying dead on the battlefield. Regardless of one's viewpoint, its hard not to feel this loss.

The Great Hive said...

Heard him on the radio this morning in the Bradmobile. I tend to love a smart atheist, and an honest alcoholic, but Hitchens is an exploitative sycophant and a fool.