Thursday, October 04, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Ravenstahl hasn't F**ked up in last ten hours

PITTSBURGH (AP) - It's been over ten hours since Mayor Wunderkind last screwed up. Political observers expressed amazement that Ravenstahl hadn't managed to offend a minority group, misuse city property, or violate the city's ethics code since Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Ravenstahl had a banner day when he stepped on his own dick twice. At a morning women's issues forum, he petulantly asked the host to remove his opponent, Mark DeSantis, from the audience. Later in the day, he had to answer questions about his use of a police surveillance vehicle, which had been paid for with Homeland Security funds. Ravenstahl and his entourage took the GMC Yukon to a Toby Keith concert in August.

Political observer Joe Sabino Mistick likens this lull in Hizzoner's public gaffes to the calm before a hurricane.

"Give it another day," said Mistick. "He's probably just hiding low and planning his next fuck-up."

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Steve said...

Luke Ravenstahl- the gift that keeps on giving!