Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Porn: "Meet the New Boss ..." Edition

South America pumps out hot broads faster than it can print worthless money, and Argentina is no exception. So it's little surprise, then, that one of them, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, will probably win her country's presidential contest, slated for this Sunday.

Kirchner is the current first lady/crime partner of socialistic strong man President Nestor Kirchner. Her husband's economic program of ignoring the country's crushing debt, driving out foreign investment, and cozying up to tinhorn dictator Hugo Chavez seems to be paying off: Argentina enjoyed eight percent growth last year, making it the economic envy of most of the continent. That, and she's hot and charismatic enough to make voters forget about the roving drug militias which control their cities.

The DN would like to wish Mrs. Kirchner best of luck in this weekend's show election. Yet we earnestly pray that one day Argentinian politics will emerge from its current condition of dynastic succession and enter into the sunlight of truly democratic participation. Nobody likes a rigged system in which two people, or two families, control a country indefinitely -- except of course Americans. Viva la similarity!


sbwagner said...

I vote for the one on the left..

CapitolMAN said...

There's a new kind of inflation growing in Argentina and it can only be cured by lewd images of Alan Greenspan.

sbwagner said...

..or the Bush tax cuts