Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ravenstahl - DeSantis Debate Update: Us V. Them

As expected, today's debate remix starts with the body blows endured by Mark DeSantis over the FOP endorsement.

The Trib lead [David Brown reporting]: Democratic Mayor Luke Ravenstahl accused Republican challenger Mark DeSantis of "selling the city down the river" by agreeing to positions backed by Pittsburgh's police union -- implying that's how DeSantis got the union's endorsement.

Post-Gazaette lead [Dan Majors]:
Pittsburgh's mayoral candidates last night sparred over the longtime residency requirement for city employees and whether Republican challenger Mark DeSantis "sold the city down the river" to get the endorsement of the police union.

"I stood up to the [Fraternal Order of Police], and my opponent was unwilling to stand up to the FOP and rather caved in to their demands," Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said during an hour-long debate sponsored and televised by WTAE-TV.


Both stories focus on the residency requirement, which I believe is a non-win proposition for the challenger. The PG's Majors points out that three of the dozen questions dealt with Luke's ethical lapses.

Neither reporter mentioned the exchange about Mayor Wunderkind's ICA-mandated budget projection report, which shows an operational deficit in years four and five.


EdHeath said...

Residency is a state issue. DeSantis needs to start saying this, just so he is clear and semi coherent.

CapitolMAN said...

You're right, Ed. But this endorsement - and the surrounding FUD about why the police gave him the endorsement - will hurt DeSantis more than it will help him.

sbwagner said...
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sbwagner said...

Union's remind me of my 4 year old daughter.. childish but cute attitude so you can't stay mad at them.. and so easy to swing in your favor when you need them to.