Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ravenstahl defends use of police SUV: 'The Denali was in the shop'

Boy-Mayor Luke Ravenstahl drove a police SUV - paid for with Homeland Security funds - to a Toby Keith concert.

I'm not sure which is worse; the mayor's wanton use of city property for tailgating or the fact that the Hizzoner likes Toby Keith.

Yes, I'll be here all weekend folks!

If this were a serious town - with an attuned citizenry and a relentless press - Ravenstahl's electability would be seriously compromised. Lucky for Mayor Wunderkind he's big-timing it in Pittsburgh. When his blind defenders call into KDKA or write into the PG, they defend his youthful transgressions with the "leave the kid alone!" defense.

Yo, Pittsburgh. He's mayor of a $400 million business of which you are a shareholder.

Ravenstahl is in dire need of political handlers. No self-respecting campaign manager would permit his candidate to gallivant around town, especially when there's a whiff of impropriety in his actions. And when Boy-Mayor (or his entourage) asked his Republican opponent Mark DeSantis to leave the room during an address to the Executive Women's Council, Boy-Mayor looked petty and churlish, not to mention frightened.


Now that US District Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan is investigating Boy-Mayor's use of a police surveillance vehicle for tailgating, this story won't be going away any time soon.


With the Keith-Gate story, Rich Lord finally scoops the Trib's Jeremy Boren [Trib coverage of Keithgate here]. Perhaps the Burghosphere - and ultimately, the city - will reap the harvest of an old-fashioned newspaper war?


Highland Ave. said...

Its not a maturity issue, its a scum-bag issue. Methinks the Boy Mayor, like Sen. Stevens or Duke Cunningham, never developed a personal code of ethics. That's why the Mayor's 'You Don't Know Me, I Do What I Want,' defense seems like a perfectly logical response... well, logical to him anyway.

A few months ago, someone postulated the Boy Mayor might make it to the US Senate by 40. With his tin-eared disregard for decency, its more likely he'll be parking cars with Gary Coleman.

CapitolMAN said...

No one questions the "maturity" of Sidney Crosby. Can he be mayor instead?

Mayor Wunderkind says: 'I'm going to continue to be who I'm going to be.'

Dude, that's the problem. We don't want our mayor to be 'that guy.'

As a wise man once said, 'punch you in your face.'

Government Issue said...

I'll see your city's ridiculous impropriety and I'll raise you a governor of a state (New York) who uses our Troopers like a Chekist commander.