Thursday, October 25, 2007

My-family-hates-me Man

Sometimes, the conventional wisdom is correct: New Yorkers, specifically liberal New Yorkers, can be really, really annoying.

Take for instance "No Impact Man." No, that's not Fred Thompson's nickname on the campaign trail: actually, it's the alter ego of Colin Beavan, environmentalist, father, and sustainable husband. Beavan is a writer living in the city and has been documenting his war on heat-trapping emissions and disposable Dixie cups since earlier this year, has made numerous media appearances, keeps an updated blog, has a film in the works, and was contracted to write a book describing this participatory thought experiment -- simultaneously guaranteeing both a national bestseller and the clear-cutting of thousands of acres of South American forestland.

The DN applauds Beavan's noble endeavor; we could all stand to use a bit less and conserve a little more. But, really, with a kid and everything? And a young one at that. Sure, we'd like to drive around town in a CO2-free dumpcart too, but not at the risk of our child hating us because we forced them to avoid toilet paper and shut off the lights at 7:30. Hasn't this cat watched E!'s True Hollywood Story? Kids with cool parents turn out the exact opposite. No Impact Man, in this case, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Your monkish asceticism makes Osama bin Laden like look Liberace. There's got to be a middle way, otherwise you risk raising both an adult film star and a Republican in the same person. And Mary Carey's so California recall election 2003.

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CapitolMAN said...

This guy can go f-himself in an environmentally-friendly way because Sheryl Crow, the queen of conservation, said I could use one square of toilet paper per dumpage. Only half a square if the paper is two-ply.