Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joe Hardy Putting the Wood To a New Honey: Danielle Golden

WTAE reports Joe Hardy is dating Danielle Golden, a 22-year old graduate of St. Vincent's College. On her myspace page, Golden says she hails from 'the Dirty D' (Dunbar, Fayette County).

From WTAE:
On her MySpace page, Golden's quote read, "The best things in life are free...the second best are EXPENSIVE."

Her current mood: "exhausted."


thenextfouryears said...

I'd bang her boards till the wood screws fell out. Lumber humor, folks.

Anonymous said...

I live like three houses away from her (well her mom and dad) She used to be a fatty i'll tell ya that, I heard he was paying for her to get some lipo. I was told by a friend of hers they are getting married. Gold digger? haha But I must admit I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

that my teacher 1st period

Anonymous said...

that bitch is my teacher. she still gettin it. hittin up every male teacher in the building.