Tuesday, October 30, 2007

From the 'No Kidding' File: Joe King Says 'No' to DeSantis

Reason number 110,000 to vote Mark DeSantis for mayor: Firefighter union president Joe King doesn't want you to.

King has sent a letter to firefighters urging them not to vote for Mark DeSantis because the challenger may support fiscally responsible measures like streamlining the fire bureau with EMS, closing fire stations, and restructuring the contract to reduce the outrageous overtime guaranteed to firemen.

King is a self-serving jackass. You may recall that a jilted Joe King suggested the reason Tom Murphy landed the endorsement of the firefighters union in 2001 was because he agreed to a sweetheart contract that left residents with a bloated network of fire stations and overpaid employees.

During Sunday's debate on WPXI, DeSantis said he was open to closing fire stations, which was an action recently recommended by an Act 47 report. Naturally, Ravenstahl was noncommittal.

I wonder if we'll hear from DeSantis on whether Ravenstahl 'sold the city dahn the river' to ensure support from King and his untrustworthy minions.

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sbwagner said...

Getting Yinzer Nation to cut down on government is like asking Ozzy Osbourne to cut down on the pain medication.. except that Ozzy makes more sense