Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DeWeese's Habay Wave

Tom Corbett's 'Politically Inspired Witch Hunt,' which turned up 20 boxes of Democratic political research paid for by taxpayer dollars, is now sniffing through Republican filing cabinets. At risk, sez the PG, are John Perzel, Sam Smith, and other Republican leadership. In Harrisburg, impropriety knows no bounds, but don't be surprised if only a few GOP heads roll.

The House Democrats are the target of the inquiry because they spent a whopping $1.9M in bonuses, twice as much as both Senate caucuses and the House GOP combined. It may be that the GOP was given the opportunity to shield itself from all but the most egregious wrongdoing; but it may also be that DeWeese is the king-shit dirtbag of Hubris in Harrisburg.

Part of being politically savvy is avoiding impropriety... not only because its wrong, but because it arms your enemies. DeWeese speaks like a foppish parody of a Machiavellian genius, but a fop is no substitute for the real deal. Say hi to Jeff Habay on your way to hell, Billy boy.

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