Friday, October 19, 2007

DeSantis Hits Cable With Commercials

The DeSantis campaign hits the cablewaves with these two 30-second spots. In an email to supporters, DeSantis' campaign says the commercials will run for one week beginning this weekend on CNN, Fox News, ESPN, BET, AMC, Lifetime, the Family Channel, and several other cable stations.

The big news here is that the campaign is not on broadcast television. To win this race, DeSantis has to make a showing with the FDR Democrats. He simply can't win on the strength of the East End. Unfortunately, he's not going to reach Strawberry Way with an ad on BET.

As revealed by John Delano last week, one commercial has DeSantis waxing romantic about Davy Lawrence and Dick Caliguri [See it here on the Tubes]. I like the theme: give DeSantis - and Pittsburgh - a chance. But DeSantis comes across as a humorless bureaucrat. Every city wants their mayor to exude confidence and charisma. I don't see it with this spot.

The second spot is a clever montage. In this 30-second ad, a diverse group of Pittsburghers endorse DeSantis as the responsible, thinking man's candidate. I hope these are real Pittsburghers, but the absence of name and neighborhood attributions makes me think otherwise. Nice graphics work as well.

For those of us who cannot stomach Mayor Wunderkind for another two years, let's hope DeSantis' campaign is holding back for a broadcast spot.

The video is up. Here's a link to the second ad.

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Anonymous said...

The ad "actors" are DeSantis' students and/or employees..