Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Councilman Motzdick to Pittsburghers: 'Don't Take Me Seriously'

After Monday's debate performance I thought the Ravenstahl campaign had finally gotten its act together. Mayor Wunderkind's dear buddy, Jim Motznik, didn't get the memo.

Pull on shit-waders because Councilman Jim Motzdick (D-Douchebag Heights) is running his mouth again.

From the PG's Early Returns blog:

"Anyone working for the city needs to be a city resident, period," said Councilman Jim Motznik at a City Council meeting today. "A GOP candidate will promise anything to get the endorsements that he thinks are needed."

He also noted that Pittsburgh's police residency requirement is enshrined in state law (as is the parking tax cut he tried to overturn ). "How can you take someone serious who's going to promise something that he has no control over?" he asked.


Mr. Motznik even claimed, approvingly, that there's a "petition" circulating in the zone stations urging support of Mr. Ravenstahl. We at Early Returns suppose that he will promptly report those officers to the city's Ethics Hearing Board, since, as the city's Ethics Handbook notes, all "city employees are prohibited from engaging in political activity during work hours and at all times in City offices."

Is Motzdick as dumb as he looks?

I recently read some Internets speculation that Motzdick engineered council's bill that maintained the parking tax at 45% despite ICA rules requiring it to drop to 40%, only to have Luke veto the bill and appear fiscally responsible. After reading these remarks, I sincerely doubt that.


sbwagner said...

Isn't he also the one who proposed a Cat License a few months back? Fucking Yinzer in a suit..

Highland Ave. said...

Not sure if its a state issue. Philly teachers don't have to live in Philly anymore. And small municipalities don't seem to have residency requirements.

I think the cops hate Ravenstahl not only because they won't let them live in Baldwin, but because Ravenstahl spent most of his time in office intimidating officers and promoting wife-beaters. My pride would be a little wounded at this point as well.