Monday, October 01, 2007

America's Shame

What's up, U-S-of-A? Your dollar is weaker than the current field of Republican presidential candidates. (Bwa-zing!) Your economy is slower than a South Carolinian beauty-pageant contestant. Add to this inflationary fears, a less-than-stellar jobs report, and rising prices for imports, and you have all the makings of a market mini-shock.

Now we learn that Canada -- Canada! -- is cruising along economically, the euro is doing great, and investors are begging off U.S. bonds. When the pretend countries start to get this uppity, you know things are going poorly for us. Hey, China, about our debt-payment plan: Do you accept boogers and Camel cash?


CapitolMAN said...

Given the turbulence of the last seven years, you might say this economy is downright 'loonie.'

Government Issue said...

Ha-ha! My forecast for this thread: silly with a chance of belly laughs!