Friday, September 21, 2007

Who's Who in Obscene Wealth

Forbes Magazine published its annual list of the wealthiest people, and sadly a few billionaires have been left behind. To qualify for the 400-member club, you must be worth at least $1.3 billion.

Of local interest, the very private industrialist Henry Hillman (pictured here) came in at 117th, 84-Lumber baroness Maggie Magerko ranked 239th, and reclusive publisher Richard Mellon Scaife came in at 380. All of this begs the question, do industrialists really exist in the 21st century?

Some notable exclusions included, sperm whale-oil magnate Arthur T. Strikebreaker III ($1.1 b), railroad baron Randolph S. Caviarspooner ($1 b), and sorghum futures trader Chesterton "the Irishman's Nightmare" Fairskies ($780 m).

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boredinpittsburgh said...

I want the word "baron" or "magnate" included in my job title.