Thursday, September 20, 2007

What I Did On My SSummer Vacation

Old photos of Nazi SS officers have always had a funny way of saying, "Insane? We'll show you insane." An absurd formality attending the most despicable acts of human cruelty -- both cause and effect of what Hannah Arendt famously labeled "the banality of evil." "Just doing my job," as it were.

Hey, but what did these German dirtballs do when they weren't trying to wipe out a whole race of people? Sit around, according to a recently exhibited album of Auschwitz photographs, downing bowls of blueberries and listening to crap music. Sounds like a blast.

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has an online collection depicting the officers in repose alongside the existing photos of German atrocities at the camp. The juxtaposition is, lightly speaking, pretty fucking sickening.

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