Monday, September 24, 2007

POG Starved for Attention

The Military Industrial Complex (the City / Quodoba Cabal) has been defeated! POG-ites camping out on the streets of Oakland by a military recruitment office stood side-by-side with slaveowner and capitalist pig Thomas Jefferson for a slam-dunk First Amendment suit. The City must now allow POG the rights currently enjoyed by Oakland's homeless community; the right to peaceably piss yourself in a sleeping bag on Forbes Avenue. Cheers to you POG; the enemy vanquished, you alone hold the field.

The operative word in the last statement is alone. Despite heavy in-depth coverage by the smug myopics at the City Paper, no one knows about you. Humor me, I know that absent gainful employment, appreciable responsibility and any other trappings of maturity, your dramatic protest probably seems like a big deal. Sorry, POGites, people may give you a honk of solidarity, people may care about Iraq, people may care about recruitment, but no one really cares about you.

Which, I may venture, explains your dramatic battle with the evil City of Pittsburgh, front man for Kapitalists and the Military Indus... whatever.

Is it more likely that the City of Pittsburgh conspired with Republicans and Big Business to squelch your innocuous protest, or that they simply didn't give a shit about you? Is it more likely that the City instructed cops to hassle you, or simply didn't think your protest was worth a directive... that absent specific direction, cops responded to the provocations of your obnoxious cohort? Lastly, is it more likely that the City, Boeing and Bush intended to fight you to the end, or that when sued the City simply corralled the cops?

Occam's Razor sez: No one knew or even cared about your protest, the City's response was passive and/or belatedly reactive, and any grief you got you brought on yourself. In short, Occam's Razor sez the only people who noticed your protest were the bums displaced from their lucrative perch in front of McDonalds. But Hell, thanks for reaffirming my First Amendment rights. Free speech is free speech, even when no one hears it.


Morrisquads said...

Freakin' hippies.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Convictions are hilarious. Why do something with your life when you can laugh at other people's efforts to put their beliefs into action? Nothing is more ridiculous than a person who tries to get other people to care more about something that affects all of us...

Highland Ave. said...

Not so much the belief system; Anarchy aside, I'm sympathetic with elements of POG's cause. But POG's rank paranoia is laughable, and their conversion tactics alienate most potential converts.

Though you're a smug defender of convictions, I'm sure you've never found yourself admiring the Christian pamphleteer passing out pix of chipped-ham feotuses while screaming bloody hell about next week's Armageddon. Sure you didn't think the cops, Planned Parenthood and Rite Aid were in cahoots with Satan when they escorted Christ's Vicar from his corner pulpit... But he did.

POG and the pamphleteer got a lot in common.