Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike Veon, Bait the Gator

Mike Veon, pinstriped principal of Mike Veon & Associates, proved that a radioactive political persona can still glow in the dark recesses of Pennsylvania Politics. According to today's PG, Mike Veon & Associates has racked up an extensive list of unscrupulous clients. Those looking to wade into the Harrisburg Bayou would rather go in as the gator's guest.

Sez Mike Veon, "If you ain't a Gator, ya must be Gator Bait."

If you ever doubted assertations that Veon's Harrisburg doesn't work in the public interest, consider the fact his clients include the Allegheny County Airport Authority. Apparently, even government needs an interlocutor in Harrisburg. It's like Jesus ringing Pope Benedict to intercede on his behalf.

All of this serves as proof of the enduring double-team of Veon and DeWeese. Old-school Dem's in an old-school partnership of Pay to Play. Dumping DeWeese in the next election might just break the levee in Harrisburg, and drain that fetid swamp.

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