Tuesday, September 04, 2007

John Edwards says "John Edwards" is most electable Dem

Former Senator Hair-do John Edwards was in Pittsburgh yesterday to receive the kiss of death endorsement from the Steelworkers' and Miners' Unions [Trib story]. This should propel Edwards to win the Pennsylvania primary, held strategically in May, well after the nominee has already been chosen by the rest of the country.

Recently, I've been hearing many Dem pundits cite Edwards' electability as a key reason for Dems to nominate him.

"Electability is the key issue," maintained [Edwards' campaign manager David Bonoir]. "The mine workers and the steel workers are sophisticated enough to look at the numbers in terms of who is the strongest candidate in the general election."

And no less an authority than Edwards himself believes he's palpable to the general public.

"John Edwards is the candidate for president who can campaign and win in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, in West Virginia, in Kentucky, in all the places in America where we have to be able to compete and win to win this election," Mr. Edwards said, eagerly echoing their analysis.

Did Edwards actually refer to himself in the third-person?

Dems are sadly mistaken if they believe a trial lawyer-cum-populist is electable in Appalachia. They made the same mistake in 2004 by nominating a patrician New Englander.
A millionaire hypocrite like Edwards promising to raise taxes will not wash with independents. Congratulations, President Romney!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha - yeah, the best part of this "get to know your candidates" debauchery is getting to see how truly delusional they all are. None of these clowns could truly be considered to be "in touch" with the American people even if they were found naked in bed with them!

Anonymous said...

Promising to raise taxes is a new strategy in election politics.... I liked Bush's plan better, "Here is $300 to blow on cigerates and booze, now just look the other way for a while until I put us into a long war that my friends (insert corporations name) benefit from by making huge war profits.

CapitolMAN said...


You haven't forgotten Reagan's patsy, Walter Mondale, have you? The Minnesotan thought voters would find him an honest man after he said he'd raise taxes. Back to the farm, Fritzy.

And the war-profiteering canard is a tired argument. There are many reasons we invaded a sovereign nation. So Bush and his pals could make a buck isn't one of them.

Paul said...

I think Western Pennsylvanians will see through John Edwards. He's too fake.

There's actually a Pittsburgh-native running for president this year -- Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who grew up in Greentree.