Saturday, September 15, 2007

Coffee wench speaks out, dashes hopes of every male customer

Pittsburgh Craigslist,

You have a delicious sense of humor. Jessica at the Coffee Tree Roasters [not pictured at left] will only be serving coffee to her male customers.

Missed connection:
o Jessica, Manager of the Coffee Tree Roasters on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill: You are sooooo BEAUTIFUL ... I melt everytime I see you. I need to know more about you and whether you're ever available after store hours for some fun... I look forward to hearing back from you. Either respond with a reply to this Craigslist ad or give me some sort of signal tomorrow morning when I place my order ...

Response [abbreviated]: For the record, not all CTR employees are single. Many of us have lives on the other side of the counter as well. It's just a job. It pays the bills (Bills?) and is not actually a dating service for us to find our dream hubby.

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