Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bay of Bang Gals

Attention, Carnegie-Mellon math club! Vogue Magazine has launched in India!

Yeah, that's right: India. One of the DN's favorite countries, birthplace of Bollywood, and home to the hottest broads on the Asian subcontinent (sorry, Bhutan), India boasts both a percolating economy and a vast, undeclared nuclear-weapons cache. Pretty rad, huh?

So hop a flight to Mumbai and grab a piece of the West's inexorable incursion into other people's cultural space! (Or don't.)

1 comment:

CapitolMAN said...

Who's the cultural imperialist between those two sultry Indian gals?

I may need to visit an emergency room if this case of ball-e-wood doesn't subside. Get the joke, Carnegie Hall? I'm so dumb...