Friday, September 28, 2007

Aron Ralston Still Surfing On That 'Superior Strength of Character and Innate Bravery' Shtick

Carnegie-Mellon University alumnus and best-selling author Aron Ralston was back in Pittsburgh recently. Monday's Post-Gazette ran his interview with marginally talented breakfast-scribbler Patricia Sheridan in which Ralston attempted to negotiate her Werner Herzog-like grimness ("How does one control utter panic?") with poise and optimism.

Speaking candidly, the DN doesn't understand the big fuss over Ralston. What's so impressive about getting pinned beneath an 800-pound rock for six days in the Utah desert, deprived of food, water, and worldly contact, then cutting off your own arm with a pocket knife so dulled by use that it takes roughly an hour before you've even severed the connecting nerve, then repelling down a 65-foot sheer cliff face to the delerious-with-pain, seven-mile uphill hike toward a guide post you can barely recall from a week ago, before circling vultures and a pack of blood-starved coyotes can close in around you? It's like, So what? It took 20 minutes for us to find a parking spot this morning.

Aron Ralston, take your unique personal story and life-affirming tale of overcoming daunting odds elsewhere. But ... would you mind signing our book first??


Anonymous said...

wELL How does one control utter panic?
Not sure I know-

incrediblethots said...
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incrediblethots said...

just wanted to share his comeback to Blue John Canyon