Wednesday, September 26, 2007


State troopers apprehended two terrorists on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Harrisburg yesterday for taking "unauthorized photographs of toll road facilities."

Oh...they're not terrorists. But they're at least persons-of-color, right?

The two Spanish men work for "Cintra, a Spain-based global investment company that has teamed to invest in toll road leases in the United States."

Fortunately, Turnpike director Joe Brimmeier understands the significance of the Global War on Terror.

"...I'm glad we have their cameras and laptops. God only knows who could get their hands on this type of information and what they could do with it."

All of us should be thankful Joe is keeping the Homeland safe from evil. Personally, I'm relieved to learn Basque separatists will not be able use their "spy photographs" to destroy PA overpasses. Let's leave the destruction of the state's infrastructures to the professionals.


thenextfouryears said...
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Government Issue said...

Hide the USS Maine!

CapitolMAN said...

They actually found the terrorists underneath an overpass taking a siesta. Damn you, sluggish metabolism.