Friday, August 17, 2007

Republicans: The Anti-Science Party

Since I know not all Republicans are bad, this is how some of them must feel. Even if they believe in small government and extremely free markets (which are pretty good ideas), it must be tough to have to lock hands with people who don't believe in evolution, who think homosexuality is a choice and a sin, who want to curtail stem cell research, and who hypocritically espouse "family values."


CapitolMAN said...

Is there a story link that's supposed to go with this post?

Steve said...

No there isn't... Hive is still pissed from getting owned in the below Obama post after his boy got trashed..

The Great Hive said...

There's no link. The picture was good enough for Reddit and good enough for The Darn News, all by itself.

Makes a pretty strong point, don't you think, troll? Thanks for visiting my blog!

CapitolMAN said...

The Dee-N: holding itself to standards more exacting than Reddit since...does 'right now' work?

Steve said...

Not to threadjack here, but where exactly is the science that proves homosexuality is not a choice?

Maybe Wikipedia has something..let me go look..

The Great Hive said...

Ignorance rears it's ugly head. Let me educate you.

There is a well-known study that shows homosexuality is natural control to women producing too many boys.

The second son is 33% more likely than the first to be gay, the third 33% more likely than the second, and so forth. It's genetics.

Way to go Bill Richardson.

Steve said...

HAHAHAHA this proves genetic linkage?

I may be just a dumb conservative but I would think ultimate proof of a genetic link to anything would be.. um..a..a gene! So Mr. Scientist, has the gay gene been found in anyone?

Your liberal smugness truly hides your intellectual incompetence. I can't believe you tried to prove genetic linkage to anything using one study on a very targeted segment of population..when the very definition of genetic linkage would be to identify the gene that causes your hypothesis.


The Great Hive said...

Incidentally, the study I referred to covered many thousands of brothers and was considered very statistically significant. Moreover, if you follow the NYT Mag you would have seen the article recently about a variety of genetic traits that gay men tend to exhibit (such as a longer index finger and a counter clockwise hair swirl).

But, to give you the evidence which you, as a homophobic and probably latently gay, conservative need, here is some info on your so-called gay gene. If you would like more genetic studies as well as other sound scientific proof, merely type "gay brothers genetics" into Google.

The almighty gay gene:

"Several lines of evidence have implicated genetic factors in homosexuality. The most compelling observation has been the report of genetic linkage of male homosexuality to microsatellite markers on the X chromosome. This observation warranted further study and confirmation. Sharing of alleles at position Xq28 was studied in 52 gay male sibling pairs from Canadian families. Four markers at Xq28 were analyzed (DXS1113, BGN, Factor 8, and DXS1108). Allele and haplotype sharing for these markers was not increased over expectation. These results do not support an X-linked gene underlying male homosexuality."

The only people who dispute there is a genetic linkage between homosexuality and genetics are hard-right, religious conservatives.

Are you with stupid?

Steve said...

Yes Hive, because I don't believe what you do regarding this subject, I must be homophobic and latently gay. That is both logical and very worthwhile to the argument. Now who is the troll?

Anyway, you come close to your conclusion with "genetic trait" but this is still a far cry from the "gay gene". If you do further study you may find that fingernail length and hair swirl direction may also be common among other behaviors, but does that prove those behaviors are because of the gene? Well, no.

Why don't you go back and try to understand genetics before you google and wikipedia your way to your point.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate irony is that the left argues for evolution and natural selection and homosexual being genetic. The two are mutual at odds, if natural selection exists then homosexuality would DECREASE in the population to nearly non-existent as would any trait that does not reproduce or reproduce often.