Friday, August 24, 2007

Mine Disaster in China Kills 200+

172 Chinese mine workers died in a rapidly flooding pit of mud and soot, joining 2,000 of their colleagues killed by mine disasters in China since January. If the six year average is any barometer, another 3,000 - 4,000 Chinese mine workers will die by Christmas. From the WaPo:

With each disaster here, an anger has flared among miners and their families, flowing from a sentiment that they have been left to cope for themselves -- to endure their 14-hour days underground, to get by on paltry salaries and, from time to time, to lose their loved ones in accidents that everyone laments but no one seems to stop.
Such are the words not only of China's carbon killing fields, but of American history books and old miner's lore. China's worker's paradise might outlaw independent unions, but similar attempts to ban unions by Victorian Industrialists sparked bloody 'wildcat strikes' that often degenerated into full-scale warfare. When looking death in the face becomes part of a daily routine, a soldier's gun yields no worse fate than a collapsing mine.

Hey Hu, what's "Molly Maguire" in Chinese?

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