Friday, August 24, 2007

Local Music: Steve Goldberg

Still fairly unknown, but sure to be famous someday is local musician Steve Goldberg. He has a talented pop rock band with influences from The Beatles, The Decemberists, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Beach Boys, and other bands with intricate melodies and harmonies. Steve's band is rock 'n roll, but he also has deep knowledge of classical guitar, jazz, and blues - very nimble fingers on the fretboard.

The band just finished their east coast tour and I have heard is headed out west in the fall. You can download many of his songs directly from his website. If you like the samples, which are full songs not clips, there's also a link off the site to buy an album.

I heartily recommend Summer's Ending, a bittersweet bildungsroman, particularly the French horn part.

Steve's music is light and airy, but also sometimes has a rocky crunch to it, the same sort of dichotomy you see in another of Steve's influences, Weezer. Look for his music to mature and get better in the coming years - his talent on the guitar is waiting for his life experiences to catch up I think.

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Steve said...

He does have a Weezer edge to him.. I like it!