Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Pittsburghers no longer drive to Cleveland to pick up that Southwest Airlines fare. The Post Gazette reports that the low cost carriers entering the Pittsburgh market have substantially driven down the cost of doing business in the 'burgh.

Corporate Nationalism, be it national (France) or regional (Pittsburgh) aint never good, regardless of what the Soviets at the Post Gazette say. Team Forester / Flaherty's sweetheart deal (circa 1990) with then US Air at Pgh Int'l was as braindead as France's wrangling over Airbus. US Air, spawn of local Allegheny Airways, gave Pittsburgh a few thousand jobs and direct flights to Frankfurt, Germany. For this, team Forester / Flaherty gave US Air a monopoly on Pittsburgh International. No surprise that it once cost $300 roundtrip from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, and $350 from Philadelphia to London.

Getting boned hard in the ass only to watch your date walk out with Charlotte is enough to leave anyone smarting. I'm glad the region finally realized that US Airways thinks about as much of Pittsburgh as we now do of them.

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