Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Does it really make me a crazy liberal...

Does it make me irrational or crazy that I fear our government, that I think our democracy has slid halfway into fascism, and that the principles that once guided our government are so much dust in the wind?

Our government incites fear in us with color-coded warnings, warns us to beware of brown people, and stages a security theater in our airports. We are told that to not support a war is un-American and to criticize our leadership is at best unpatriotic and at worst treasonous.

Now, I don't subscribe to theories about insider jobs around 9-11 or any sort of anarchist ideology, but I do recognize propaganda and fascism when I see it. Here's another echo of our quickly crumbling empire and the destruction of freedom. The U.S. government is body-cavity searching female, British journalists:,12271,1231089,00.html


Anonymous said...

I hardly find sympathy for a journalist who should know that you have to have a journalists visa to enter the country.. these technicalities are how terrorists abuse the security in place. The agents involved could have demonstrated a more friendly tone when dealing with her, but we are also reading her account of how she took their words, so it could be jaded. I guess this makes me a fascist right? Liberals don't know what fascism is.

CapitolMAN said...

Yes, you are a crazed libtard. The only thing separating you from Bonno is a bazooka.

Andrew said...

Yeah, you are a fascist. What about the color-coded warnings? What about mixing religion with politics? What about the lies leading to wars? What about the word "evil" to describe the opposition? What about the security theater being played out limiting liquids, and until recently lighters? Are we living in a better world? Should we have invaded Iraq.

Are we living in an America you want to live in? What happened to give me liberty or give me death? Why don't you heed the words of Ben Franklin who said those who give up liberty for security will soon have neither? How is it possible that the government tells us to fear a threat that has almost no chance of killing us (terrorism).

I am no blind sheep, and I don't trust Bush or any government to keep me safe. Don't tell me she got what she had coming to her, because she didn't. And even if those are just the rules, those shouldn't be the rules.

CapitolMAN said...

I'm not a fascist, I just think you sound hysterical. Frankly, current government propaganda is embarrassingly lacking. I want to walk into a gas station and see colorful pro-war posters depicting saucer-eyed Muslims as sabre-rattling marauders with taffy-like tongues.

I won't get sucked into a debate about the semantics of "evil" or "terrorist." There is incomprehensible evil in the world and notwithstanding our current foreign policy, America has been viewed as a bulwark for individual liberty...and for good reason. There are people who live under truly repressive regimes. Ask the Poles or Hungarians who lived behind the Iron Curtain about good and evil.

The religious crowd has been duped into supporting many dubious causes. If you think our political leaders misuse religion, what about the Amedinejad's and mukhtars who would instigate a third world war or encourage martyrdom against the nonbelievers?

You grossly underestimate the power of the public to make up their own minds. Republicans lost control of Congress. Between sixty-five and seventy percent of the population disapproves of the job the President is doing. If any journalist still reports about the terror color-palette, they do so tongue-in-cheek.

Finally, I think its intellectually disingenuous to dismiss the Bush Doctrine as irrational. There are very smart classical liberals and neoconservatives who believed that America's military could be used to remake the world with Western, secular values. I may not agree with the premises behind an idealistic foreign policy but I respect the concept.

If you think having to remove your shoes is an affront to personal liberty, what would you say about flour rationing? Sheesh, these inconveniences are meddlesome and misguided but they are not fascist.

Which piece of legislation do you think is worse: the Patriot Act or Sedition Act? Which place is worse: Guantanamo or a Japanese internment camp? For all its faults, America still gives more power to the people than nearly every other government. Sleep well at night knowing that even if your papers aren't in order, the government is too incompetent to find you anyway.

Anonymous said...

capitolman- an intelligent and thoughtful reply, unlike andrew's liberal playbook cliche after cliche response.

Anonymous said...

as anon. said, very well-written reply, capitolman. a comment like that is so refreshing amongst the usual self-indulgent ranting, i.e. the annoying original post by mr. hive.

The Great Hive said...

The preacher has spoken and the choir has answered "Amen."