Thursday, August 16, 2007

Barack Obama Floats Serious Transparency Reforms

Though I'm voting for whichever Democraic candidate gets the nod, outside of a serious independent bid, hats off to Barack Obama for floating some serious measures to help add transparency to the federal government.

Going past the weak political quote the AP writer lead with, the actual reforms would constitute a big step in reforming our government and leveraging the internet for some good. These would help restore my faith in the government, which has been shrouded in secrecy for the last 6.5 years, with Dick Cheney even inventing his own stamp of secrecy.

Barack's ideas to seek more feedback from the people are good, but the transparency measures are the meat:

*Posting meetings between lobbyists and bureaucrats online
*Issuing an executive order in support of the FIA act


Steve said...

Yeah this will really radically reform government. They'll just water down what was talked about in the meetings, and we already know they meet with lobbyists..

I think the first sentence of your story "I'm voting for whichever Democratic candidate.." is the most telling thing about this post. Are they all the same in your eyes, or is that statement blinded by your hatred of the other side?

Highland Ave. said...

I can see how posting information online would lead to transparency, but give me a break. Millions would post; it would become a special interests/ wedge issues playground. Even if you aggregated the info to get the 'Vox Populi,' you still wouldn't know if it reflected the actual will of the public because it would always be skewed. And town hall meetings don't work when the town is a nation of 300M people.

Obama's consistent advocacy of stupid, half-baked ideas only serve to remind me what a rookie the kid is.

The Great Hive said...

They aren't all the same in my eyes, it's the Republicans who are all the same in my eyes, and we need to get them out. Who are you going to vote for? Crazy Giuliani, the actor, one of the gay-haters, one of the anti-evolutionists, Dr. Ron Paul, or that stunning zombie of a man, John McCain?

Even if the Republicans hadn't succeeded in doing absolutely nothing but erode civil rights while controlling both houses and the presidency, there's not even close to a reasonable candidate. Hey, maybe Newt Gingrich will jump in the race. Yippee!

And as for Obama being a "rookie," that always tells me the person saying it is a racist. Let's review Obama's "rookie" record. While he's not a beltway insider (which we sorely do not need), the man has served as a community organizer, a professor, a civil rights attorney, a state legislator, and now a U.S. senator.

Calling him a rookie is a GOP talking point and a pretty clear hint that you don't know his resume and are probably blinded by the color of his skin.

Why don't you have a look at the man's background:

That's who we need for president.

Please, please, someone jump in with an impassioned defense of ANY Republican candidate. I'd love to hear it. What a joke.

Highland Ave. said...

Wow, the kid living in a yuppified corner of a city which has economically banished its entire black population to the other side of the bay just called the white boy from East Liberty a racist. Talk about the final refuge of a lost argument.

Obama's experience sucks. Community Organizer is "I fed orphans in Costa Rica" college application material. Civil Rights attorney without a single case on which to hang his hat? College professor without a book? His legislative experience doesn't extend beyond his State Senate experience declaring August 5, 2003 Hotdog Day in commemoration of Chicago's culinary specialty. Other than a cool name, a sterling voice and the race cache, he is mediocre at best.

Example: Put that in contrast with McCain's 3 years in the Hanoi Hilton or Rudy Guliani's market-based remake of the cradle of the New Deal, or Hillary's 8 years of policy making in the White House.

I think the rookie should run for Governor of Illinois or ride the pine in the Senate for a few more years- get a few scars on his baby face. I don't want him learning on the job with the nation facing war in the Middle East, the decline of Europe and the Rise of China.

The Great Hive said...

Are you saying you are going to vote for Giuliani... who did nothing absolutely to improve New York by the way.

The improvement of crime in that city was reflected across the country, and according to economists was either the result of legalizing abortion or decreased lead in low-cost housing. Giuliani essentially became a) rich and b) popular because he gave some good speeches after 9/11 in a fireman's jacket.

And are you saying that McCain's POW status makes him more qualified than a guy who was a civil rights attorney? That does not compute.

I agree... Hillary is pretty impressive, but as you can see, it's totally impossible to defend any of the Republican candidates.

Steve said...

Guiliani did more for NYC as Mayor than Obama has done for Illinois as Senator. Just admit you don't have the bandwith to identify leadership and actual working experience. You write a blog for Christ's sake!

The Great Hive said...

Yay trolls and their ad hominem attacks!

I'd delete your comments, but it's nice to get the comment count high without needing bona fide spam.

Which is better, to write multiple popular blogs, or respond endlessly with quibbling, personal attacks in a forum that only my buddies and I read? Good job, Steve-O!

CapitolMAN said...

Is Hillary also a racist? After Obama said he'd meet unconditionally with heads of enemy states, she said he's too naive to lead on foreign policy.