Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ravenstahl Detail: Code Bullshit

In the very same week our august city council deadlocked over legislation on tagging cats, it comes out that the Mayor's office has a 24-7 security detail that costs over $200k per year. If it seems a bit uneconomical to pay 9 flunkies $80k per year to wax poetic about Garfield and Heathcliffe's civil rights, consider a full-time security detail for the man who wields the veto pen!

Murphy eschewed the suited toughs, safeguarded himself with his finely tuned Napoleonic Complex. Anyhow, everyone figured Tom Cox was jonesin for the bullet more than Murphy. Ravenstahl, take a note. Your a ribbon-cutting patsy with no gravitas, and little more to your name than the promotion of a few wife-bruising cops and a morally repugnant round of golf. Drop the detail.

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