Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paul Zeise, KDKA Part Ways. Don Cannon M.I.A...

A wonderful morning for Pittsburgh mediaphiles!

Paul Zeise, the PG Pitt football beat reporter will no longer be seen on KDKA's Sports Showdown after suggesting that Mike Vick would have received a more lenient punishment by the NFL commissioner if instead of running a dog-fighting ring he had committed a rape.

I have yet to determine whether being thrown off the KD Sports Showdown is much of a punishment. Cheer up, Paul. Now you don't have to listen to Paul Alexander.

And Don Cannon has disappeared from the weekend anchor desk at KDKA. After appearing dishevelled and inelegant during the Saturday 6 PM broadcast, Don Cannon has been missing in action. The station says Don was feeling ill, and there is no word on his return. Naturally, this story allows us to bring up Don's troubles with the drinkey-poo. In February 1993, he was arrested for drunk driving. In December 1994, he appeared drunk on-air.

A DUI? Showing up to work drunk? Don Cannon is a Pittsburgh institution. The DN wishes you well!

And if you are like me - a drunk, angry, unemployed Pirates fanatic who enjoys listening to the Rocco DeMaro's post-game show more than the actual broadcast - please find your way to the old ballyard on Thursday. The Pirates will donate $5 from each $20 ticket sold to a recovery fund for Rocco. More than three weeks ago, DeMaro suffered a very severe head injury when was hit in the temple by an errant throw during a softball game. He's currently in speech therapy and we wish he a speedy recovery. See you Thursday, other fan!

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