Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Week in POG

Pittsburgh's anarchists - the dirtiest, smelliest and most nappy-headed in the Land of the Great Satan - will gather for a summer washing annual picnic at Schenley Park on Sunday, July 1. It's a potluck so be sure to bring your favorite anarchist dish.

According to the POG web site, the picnic will be a glorious celebration of corporate oppression and political imperialism, replete with merrymaking and grilling of tofu dogs. Sign me up now for Pin the Tail on the American Protectorate!

Last week, Pittsburgh's gay / lesbian / etc crowd gathered downtown to dress up like Paris Hilton and dance-out to Laura Branigan. The POGs, however, chose to turn Pridefest into another Bitchfest. From the POG web site: More and more, the debate arises whether or not queer people belong in the military and whether or not they not they should be allowed to serve openly. What is always left out of the discussion is the question of whether or not the military should exist. Why should queer people, an oppressed segment of society, go to fight and kill other oppressed people for the greater benefit of corporations and politicians?
There's nothing delusional or preposterous about the America-last crowd.

And our dear friend at the Yinsurrectionary Times has linked to us under "short fiction." Thanks, buddy! For terrifically lugubrious short fiction infused with "intellectual snobbiness" and dyspeptic remarks on Marxism, may I suggest this guy?


The Yinsurrectionary Times said...

Am I surprised that rich boys hate the poor? No more than I am surprised that a work comp lawyers son would resent workers for "taking his daddy away".
I wouldn't consider you use of your "word a day" calendar to be "intellectual snobbiness" and I suspect Mr. Bellow might have known something about Marxism, and maybe even anarchism, and the incompatibilities between the two. Ever hear of the First International? Petrograd? The Ukraine? Kronstadt? Barcelona?

I was too lazy to check, but maybe you did have a problem with the Marxists who handed the welfare hockey arena to the immigrant, Lemieux (which means 'the bat' in French). The slumming crusader, guarding heroin and other "US interests" in Afghanistan, is just more state socialism, the kind that Lenin, Mussolini, or Reagan would be proud of. The heavily subsidized technology jobs? More Marxism. My little sister's dog having better access to health care than I do? That's Adam Smith.

I appreciate your irreverence, as most flagsuckers are serious as cancer when it comes to their desire to submit to a Master, but would it be asking too much for you to learn any facts about anarchism? I don't know if the Lady and I will be attending the POG picnic, but if yinz will show up with a nice pork shoulder or some hamburgers, I'm there. Vegetarian picnics are like a happy hour buffet from hell. The vegangelists also hate the reality that soy monoculture is at least as environmentally and economically harmful as producing delicious livestock. Let me know.

PS-Ask the lawyer's boy if he can grab me a kilo or two of some Royal Afghani or I'd even settle for some Peshawar border hash, it's been almot 20 years for me. Thanks.

CapitolMAN said...

Dear Yin,

I don't just hate the poor. I hate everything. I'm a misanthrope (word of the day June 28, 2007)

Sorry to hear your sister's frame of mind - vis-a-vis her pup's physical fitness - has a greater impact on GDP than your four-hour day packing books for prisoners at the T. Merton Center. Your disgust with laissez-faire economics sounds to me like it's rooted in sibling rivalry.

You'll find no argument from the DN about corporate welfare. How's about we jointly advocate the dissolution of all welfare? I'll agree that we should jettison tax-increment financing for Marxist Lemieux and and you'll publicly state that our government should eighty-six clothing vouchers for unemployed neer-do-wells?

Regarding the Peshawar hash: Lawyer-boy tells me Afghani opium is actually more potent than Columbian coca. It's just that FARC employs some magnificent marketing whizs. Their product's got kick-ass Q-rating in the East Hills housing complex.

The Yinsurrectionary Times said...

Dear Cap,
Sorry if this gets posted twice, these comment forms don't always agree with me.
I appreciate your humor and your humoring me. Misanthropy's good, too.
Those are slaves, er volunteers, packing books, and even if it was a paying gig, I don't know what they'd have to come up with for me to deal with the smell of soy milk and the sound of praise for Michael Moore.
My disgust the with the mythical beast of laissez-faire economics is rooted in the unemployment office that used to be on Federal Street, where I spent most of my 1980's quality time with my father.

The US economy would collapse if it wasn't propped up by Mussolini's corporatism or the eponymous, drooling paperweight's reganomics, and I'd love to see the plug pulled on that. FDR's New Deal was nothing more than a means of pacification, to prevent another mass rising. That liberal Clinton unraveled the remnants of what was passing for a social safety net. For the same reasons I favor reinstating the draft, I favor anything that raise the likelihood that we the trained animals choose to maul our trainers. Individual welfare is a drop in the bucket compared to what Comrades McClatchy, Barden and others defined as "corporate persons" under Taft-Hartley.

Pittsburgh has no shortage of dangerous powders, why should Olde Europe have all the hash?
Plan Colombia enabled the FARC and US 'advisers' (more acetic acid?)and contractors to create the heroin boom of the 90's, but the US is well positioned in Afghanistan to keep their perpetual 'war on drugs' and 'war on terror' going. I could be wrong, but monotheist dipshits probably won't go the way of the USSR, much to my chagrin.

Xutopian said...

I don't have time for greatness. I'm to busy surviving mediocrity...
Although once in a while it has it's charms.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, sounds like this xutopian character is off their meds again.

What's the relevance of the talk radio parroting?

CapitolMAN said...

Sorry I missed the picnic, Yin. Saw the capitalist pigdogs at the PG put together a writeup. No photo : (

Anonymous said...

The photographer prolly couldn't find the place because the pigs tore down the signs showing people how to get there. Why do I think it was the pigs? Because a patrol car cased the joint every half hour and a bike cop who prolly recognized me followed me all the way from Oakland.

-A clean Pogger

The Yinsurrectionary Times said...


We didn't make it either. By the P-G's account, they had good turnout, even without us.