Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Doug Shields is no fan of Luke Ravenstahl. The one-time Bobby O chief of staff was assumed a pal of Baby Luke; both being children of Pittsburgh's old-school politics. But not so. This of course isn't new news; ever since boy Mayor sent a catty e-mail to Shields', and Shields responded by putting a dead mouse in Ravenstahl's locker.

This week, Shields threw a wrench in Ravenstahl's plans to promote a couple of wife beaters into high-ranking roles in the City's police force. Have no doubts, gentle reader... Keeping this embarrassing in the news is a serious black eye for the boy-mayor.

Follow this up with Shields' consent amendment to the City Charter forcing Baby Luke to bring his temps before City Council. Ravenstahl asked for the resignation of 10 department heads, leaving open the possibility of limitless tenures for several temps. (Nota Bene: George Specter cited Scottish Common Law to show that he doesn't need to resign)

Nothing big, given, but this sort of nattering could portend bigger conflicts to come. Wait until something contentious comes along...


CapitolMAN said...

If the visage of a serpent-woman moves into path of a torque-punch from her owner, then she shall reap the tidings of her transgressions, so sayeth Allah.

I believe Mr. Trotsky was found innocent by a court of law, Highland Ave. Or was it "not proven?"

Highland Ave. said...

Post Gazette reports that the Boy Mayor is considering reversing the promotion of a few wifebeaters. Check it out at www.postgazette.com