Monday, June 25, 2007

But what does Christopher Hitchens think of Islam?

Although no one on the eastern shore of the pond seems to care, we continue to follow the fallout of Salman Rushdie's knighthood [bonus: pic of Salman's babelicious wife at right]. And what would our facile commentary be without hearing from America's leading essayist/surly drunkard Christopher Hitchens?

Hitchens recently appeared on Britian's Question Time. Per usual, he wasted no time insulting a fellow panelist and the audience. Jump ahead to the one-minute juncture to hear MP Shirley Williams condemn the knighthood. At 1:45, hear Hitchens' rejoinder. Keep watching to hear Christopher's brother, Peter, say how this row has been blown out of proportion by both sides. Bombs away! [If the video begins at 9+ minutes, scroll ahead to 8:40 to hear Williams, 7:40 to hear Hitchy]

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