Thursday, June 14, 2007

Attack of the Killer POG's

(From POG's a POG-sympathizer website): Local coffee shop opened by well meaning couple looking to spruce up abandoned building is actually a beachhead for rich white folks! To the ramparts, whitey is coming!!!

Who knew the left had a Joe McCarthy? Better question, wonder if the Black community knows about its' self-anointed protector, the POG, acting as the vanguard against economic progress?

Yeah, that's right you hippie jackasses, economic progress. I'm really hard-pressed to figure out how you sniveling bastards have the nerve to say that black communities shouldn't have coffee shops, or theatre, or art, or groceries, or anything. I understand your desire to get back at daddy Warbucks for your cul-du-sac childhood and college education, but why do you have to do it by keeping poor communities poor?

"Where will the poor live if they're chased out of Garfield?" Give me a break... when was the last time you've been in Garfield? 20% of the housing stock is vacant, and the average house sells for pocket change. There's plenty of affordable housing to go around in a dying city like Pittsburgh. Better question, why is it imperative to keep poor communities poor? Why is it so important to you to make sure that hipsters can't get a cup of coffee with a work-a-day Joe from Garfield. Or is your version of progress a stagnant ghetto, forever poor, forever segregated.

Bill Peduto can be a progressive, and liberal, and oppose you. After all, your version of a liberal quotes Lucy Parsons, whose maniac rants are the same that rally facist crackpots to arms in the streets of Gaza and Sadr City.


The Yinsurrectionary Times said...

I appreciate the traffic and your take on gentrification is a new one, but I am in no way affiliated with POG.

Anonymous said...

please fact check before posting. yinzsurgent is clearly not pogs website nor does it indicate its affiliated with them in any way. it's fine to disagree with people or even call them out on bullshit, but misrepresenting and lying just discredits you and your causes.

CapitolMAN said...

Fixed it. Make sense?

The Yinsurrectionary Times said...

Thanks for the 1/2 correction. Nothing against, POG, but it's simply not for me.

I'd also really like to know when monotheist "facist" crackpots invoke an anarchist lady from the US?

Highland Ave. said...

This is absurd. Reminds me of a certain scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian where a group of Radicals argue whether they're the 'People's Front of Judea,' the 'Popular Front,' or the 'People's Popular Front.'

-"Who's the Popular Front then?"

-"He's over there.... SPLITTER!"

I'm sure you both can paint elaborate arguments detailing your non-differences; but face it. The biggest difference dividing you is a disagreement over who gets to be the king-cock of the wacko movement; or, your own fatuous egos.

Highland Ave. said...

And who the hell determined that this site is populated by right wing religionists? I might be able to pigeon-hole you boorish jackasses accurately, but you've clearly failed miserably responding in kind.

Boorish Jackass said...

I don't recall ever stating or implying that this site was populated by right-wing religionists, unless that includes flagsucking.

You've shown some knack with alternative histories, so in that case your pigeonholing is dead on.

I don't know what the relevance of the Monty Python quote was, other than geek cred? Does that affect your internet tough guy status?

And I know this would be a dangerous foray into the world of facts, a place you try avoid, but once again:


Highland Ave. said...

OK, I'll spoonfeed you little chickies.

1) Lucy Parsons' murderous rants sound more like Osama Bin Laden than Maria Theresa. Sorry if you got bogged down in the tedious detail that murderers of all stripes are murderers nonetheless.

2) You're all the same, POG, popular front, Anarchists, whatever. Sorry if you got a little confused by a rather obvious movie reference.

3) Wake the fuck up, you're booring and unoriginal. Get a new cause, new job, something. And somewhere along the line, learn how to read and listen. Not every idea will be presented to you in block letters on construction paper.

4) At the request of Gov't Issue, your commie buddies over at the International ANSWER were vocally pro-Milosevic during the Balkans war. But Lucy Parsons would have heartily approved of the methodology of the Srebrenica Massacre, if not the reason and target.

Little Chickies said...

1.Could you correct the Lucy Parsons, thing too,then, e? Murderers who wear uniforms are OK, though?

2. You nationalists are all the same, nazis, Birchers, Stalinists, Democrats, Fatah, same difference.

3. I can read between the lines, but I guess to read your post, I should just learn to accept that it will be mostly fiction?

4. I actually don't have any commie buddies. You probably didn't know this, but the leading cause of violent death amongst anarchists is at the hands of the authoritarian left.
Your fellow flagsucker, Jim Quinn, was recently gushing about how, Milosevic was misunderstood, and he saw the writing on the wall about the Saracen threat, or some other bullshit.

Centre Ave said...

Hey fuckass, when was the last time you saw a black person in the Quiet Storm? That's why they got rid of the computer. And you still didn't fix the bit that says "POG is the vanguard of blah blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit." And I suppose you are trying to compare POG to John Brown? I'm sure that no one will be offended.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, them blacks started coming into the Quiet Storm like they owned the neighborhood. And they never ate the great tofu melts.

Anonymous said...

Those damn black kids made "that nice couple" (who weren't actually divorced lunatics, who rode the place into the ground) them take away the computers, too.

CapitolMAN said...

Dear Centre Avenue,

If I understand your profane reply, you'd like H Ave to correct: "POG, acting as the vanguard against economic progress" I'm too busy watching golf while drinking an inorganic, slave-harvested triple espresso. Make sense?

Let freedom reign,


Anonymous said...

There is nothing about watching golf that 'makes sense'.

Penn Ave. said...

I understand your desire to get back at liberal, lawyer, daddy Warbucks for your cul-du-sac childhood and college education, but why do you have to do it by enlisting in the military?

Vive La Quinn! said...

Seems to me that that Center Ave. and Highland Ave. don't like each other very much, that's to bad, thay have so very much in common. At least Highland Ave. is a burgeoning social democrat and not somewhere down that same ladder of socialcommumarxanarchism that normally "infects" dope smoking, dreaded, Bob Marley listening, Kucinich-voting freeloaders. Totalitarian government is totalitarian government,whether it's on a national level or a Global level. Just because it doesn't look that way on the anarchists flow-chart don't mean it ain't so. By the way, Center Ave. please keep your Goddamn shitty bicycle off the street, I have a job to get to.

Penn Ave. said...

Young master Abes is a social democrat? Like Stalin or Hitler?

I won't hate on Quinn. If I could make as much money as he does playing song clips and reading blogs to the disabled population who like right-wing radio.

Minimum Wage said...

I'm just a poor white guy on the West Coast earning minimum wage, but I'd like to know, if you've got all that vacant and affordable housing, is it possible to create affordable ownership opportunities for your working poor?

If not, then your housing is "affordable" only as long as it escapes gentrification.