Monday, May 14, 2007

Voluntary Pollution Controls

Good stuff for you from the NY Times. Bush holds press conference to talk about regulating pollutants. Tony Snow sez that a systematic approach (read: stall and delay) should be taken. Moreover, it should be voluntary.

''The market-based approach seems to work,'' Snow said. ''The question is: do you try to set up a mandatory system or do you try to set up an innovation-based system. The president prefers innovation.''

I like that... good word 'Innovation,' bad word 'MANDATORY.' Please see attached pix of Reliant Energy's innovative approach to pollution control in Elrama PA.


Wags said...

Yeah cause when the government makes something mandatory, that always goes well...

Anonymous said...

Fuck the envirement, how about an innovative approach at lowering my fukin' taxes.