Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Steelers assistant coach forwards pornographic email to NFL GMs

Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein unintentionally forwarded a pornographic email to every general manager, and the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday. Zierlein, 61, received the message from Steelers pro personnel coordinator Doug Waitley.

Your intrepid reporters actually obtained a copy of the email and have posted it here.


Anonymous said...

That's a vile and disgusting homosexual picture. I can't believe that the Darnnews would print such unspeakable filth.
Please cancel my subscription (and if possible, provide me with a pro-rated refund. If you can't do that, I totally understand).

CapitolMAN said...


Thanks for reading the DN. We value your patronage and regret your offense to our most recent post. It looks like you're eligible for a customer-loyalty bonus. Rather than cancelling your subscription, I can sign you up for the next 24 years at the lowest rate available. I'll go ahead and sign you up for that right now. Make sense?

CapitolMAN said...

Looking forward to hearing back from you, Anon.

Dig said...

OK, that makes sense, but please take that vile picture off of your website. Apparently Mr. Carson Palmer is hoping that the juicy and succulent John Morrell sausage he's holding will nut into his mouth. Sick!